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 Alereon is a fabless semiconductor company developing innovative Ultrawideband (UWB) wireless chipsets. Our mission is to simplify networking by removing cables, allowing effortless connections between PCs, consumer electronics, PC peripherals and mobile devices. We want to change the way consumers use electronic devices to connect to the world.

Alereon was founded by industry pioneers in ultrawideband technology. The company's 120+ patent/application portfolio speaks to the experience of our team and our deep understanding of radio frequency technology. Alereon's executive team is comprised of leaders from some of the most respected companies in the technology world including IBM, Intel, Cirrus Logic, AMD, Mobilian, and Standard Micro Systems to name just a few. Backed by some of the leading venture capital firms, Alereon has assembled a team that demonstrated the first complete, fully functional 480Mbps solution in early 2005, and introduced production silicon for delivery in the first quarter of 2006.


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