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Бренд:Seiko NPC Corporation

Seiko NPC Corporation was founded in 1975 as a semiconductor manufacturer of the Seiko Group(Present Seiko Holdings Group). Each Seiko Holdings Group company, using creativity and technologies specific to it, ships products with high added value over a broad area. Among the group companies, Seiko NPC specializes in semiconductors, benefiting from the synergy provided by its group membership. 

As principal device components, our typical crystal oscillation ICs, dominant in the world market, support clocks that provide the reference signals used to control a variety of electronic devices.

Seiko NPC Corporation is based at Tokyo. Its Nasushiobara Unit, which produces IC components, is located in Nasushiobara-shi, in Nikko National Park, in Tochigi Prefecture. Internally, the company provides a total framework that embraces planning, design, manufacturing, and sales.



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